Bell for video system
Greater security plus added convenience – and involving only minimal mounting and installation work. Generally speaking, the wires left by an existing bell system are sufficient not only for the speech and door release function, but for video and surveillance too.
Greater security
A lot more secure than asking "Who's there?": The foolproof evidence of your own eyes: a face, valid proof identity, a uniform. Simply the obvious presence of a camera is often enough to ward off unwanted visitors.
Video sets quickly and simply turn an old-fashioned doorbell into a video system. In most cases, they need no additional wiring than the original bell system and are simply screwed onto the wall.
Your electrical installer will clarify the requirements on site, calculate the work involved and submit a concrete and binding offer.
Compact sets
Siedle Compact sets provide an entry into the world of Siedle quality. Their outstanding cost-to-performance ratio makes them ideally suited for uncomplicated, low-cost modernization of any existing bell system.
For multiple family homes too: Available for up to two residential units, optionally with receiver telephone or hands-free intercom.
Siedle Select
Just as simple as the Compact sets in terms of mounting and installation – but in a different league when it comes to design, material and intrinsic value. Siedle Select is the alternative for lovers of good design and tasteful use of quality materials.
Not a complete set, the door station can be freely combined with any indoor stations (photo shows a combination example).